University of Aberdeen

MX4555 Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos Theory II (UG, 2023-2024 2HS)
Invariant manifolds, bifurcations, index theory, chaos, fractals, discrete maps, Lyapunov exponents.

PX5510 Statistics and Time Series Analysis (MSc, 2023-2024 2HS)
With Dr Kapil Debnath. Inferential statistics, time series analysis. Taught using Mathematica.

United Arab Emirates University

GEOG670 Planetary Atmospheres (MSc, F23)
Atmospheric composition, thermodynamics, radiation, and dynamics, comparative planetary atmospheres.

PHYS200 Introduction to Space Sciences (UG, S23, F23)
Gravitation and orbits, Earth, the Solar System, the Sun, space physics.

PHYS420 Space Applications II (UG, S22, F22, S23, F23)
With Dr Aquib Moin. Atmospheric and ionospheric physics, weather and climate monitoring, space data processing.

PHYS100 Astronomy (UG, F19, S20, F20, F21, F22)
Astronomy for a general audience.

PHYS270 Celestial Mechanics (UG, S21)
Kepler's laws, celestial coordinate systems, orbital elements, 2- and 3-body problems, rotating reference frames, tides, orbital perturbations, rocket equation.

PHYS698 Selected Topics I (MSc, F20, S22)
Fundamental, rotating, and geophysical fluid dynamics.

COSS711 Seminar I (PhD, S20)
Presentation skills for PhD students.

University of Oxford (tutorial teaching)

B1 Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity (UG 3rd year, 2010-2014, 2015-2016).
Fluid dynamics, waves, convection, dynamical systems, chaos, stochastic physics, biophysics.

A2 Electromagnetism (UG 2nd year, 2014-2015).
Radiation, dielectric/magnetic media, conductors, plasmas, transmission lines.

B3 Atmospheric Physics (UG 3rd year, 2010).
Fluid dynamics, waves, rotating fluids, atmospheric structure, thermodynamics, general circulation, thermohaline circulation, radiative transfer, greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, climate change.